Transition period of EU Air Security Regulation 300/2010 will end April 2013 - transition period deadline extended from March to April 2013. The European regulations (EU reg. 300/2008 & EU reg. 185/2010) on airfreight security standards come into full effect as of April 29th 2013. The EU Authorities just announced that the initial deadline March, 25th 2013 has been extended to the new date in April. As of this date the 3 year transition period for not officially certified "Known Consignors" (KC) will end! topamax

After this date, only air freight originating from officially certified "Known Consignors" (KC) could be considered "SECURED" for all type of aircrafts (passenger & freighter) and brought into the air freight supply chain without physical security check.Depending on the quantity of export air freight, which is then subject to security checks prior to loading into an aircraft, there could be influences on the whole air freight supply chain, especially in regards to transit times and additional charges.We therefore wish to take this opportunity as a reminder on the topic and give some actual insight into the challenges, which lie ahead of the air freight export industry (air freight shipper, forwarder and carrier). Please contact either local authorities or your local SPEDMAN AIR FREIGHT office for more info.